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We have published two books to dedicated to starting the dialogue about drugs and alcohol with children.  With the help of parents, we carefully created stories that insight conversation between children and their parents, peers and teachers.

Somo Says No is targeted for children age 4-8, and David’s Discovery is for children ages 8-12.

This book is dedicated to the memory of Brent Shapiro. Brent was an outgoing, friendly kid, with a big smile and large blue eyes. He was very popular, enjoyed sports and loved music. When he was young, he experimented with alcohol and drugs. At first, it seemed okay. In his teens, alcohol and drugs became a big problem for Brent. He started to go downhill. Fortunately, he got help and was able to straighten out his life and go on to college where he did very well. Just before graduation, he had a ‘slip’. He took a little alcohol and took a half a pill. He became very sick. His companions didn’t want us to know he had slipped. Instead of taking him to hospital, his girlfriend took him home to bed. He got very sick and stopped breathing. When the ambulance was finally called, it was too late. He died just before his 25th birthday. Brent is the inspiration for SOMO. His nickname was Monk; he loved monkeys. It is in his honor that we created SOMO, the Sober Monkey. We hope this will help you learn the importance of making good decisions and wise personal choices. – Linell, Robert and Grant Shapiro

David’s Discovery is a book meant for children to read and then have conversations about the themes with their parents/teachers/peers.