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The Brent Shapiro Foundation for Drug Awareness was created because the disease of alcohol and drug dependence is now reaching epidemic proportions.This disease, it is an “equal opportunity” disease that is indiscriminate, affecting all ages from children to the elderly; the rich and poor alike; the educated and uneducated; male and females; and single individuals and families.
Alcohol and drug dependency is an out of control disease that is ruining and taking the lives of our young people.
Every person in America is affected by alcohol and drug dependence and its consequences – either personally, at home, in the workplace, as victims of crimes, and/or as a taxpayer.
America’s leading social problems: crime, child and spousal abuse, and homelessness, can be directly related to substance abuse: 

It is also a costly plague that wrecks lives and families and costs society billions of dollars in direct and hidden costs.
It destroys the health of the dependent person and causes illness, injuries, and death; permanently damages their interpersonal relationships, and in many cases, destroys their ability to maintain a job and support themselves and their families.
Business pays millions of dollars in lost work hours, workplace accidents, and poor work performance due to alcohol and drug dependence.
The government pays millions of dollars to incarcerate addicts for use, dealing, and associated crimes perpetrated to pay for alcohol and drug addicts.
On the treatment side, most of the children and adults who have dependency problems do not receive treatment, will not receive effective treatment, or will not receive treatment until they are put into the legal system or the hospital after years of abuse.

Despite heroic efforts by treatment providers, the vast majority of persons receiving treatment for alcohol and/or drug problems will relapse.
Alcohol and drug abuse problems are chronic, such that even persons trying to quit may do so multiple times before achieving success at sobriety.
The sad truth is that only a minority of persons currently treated for alcohol and/or drug problems will remain sober in the long-term.

We don’t want to see any kids ever fall into the trap of drug and alcohol addiction!

We know every one of them has the opportunity for a great future and we want to help them reach all of their dreams and plans.  

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Our Mission & Approach

Founded upon personal tragedy, it is our vision to conquer alcohol and drug dependence by turning the fear, grief and helplessness caused from this disease into awareness, compassion, and support. It is the mission of the Brent Shapiro Foundation for Alcohol and Drug Awareness to become the national leader in the fight against drug and alcohol dependence by:

  • Raising awareness through education
  • Removing the stigma and isolation associated with this disease by inviting everyone to join in a national dialogue
  • Providing support to parents on how to communicate with their children and with other parents about alcohol and drugs
  • Creating educational tools designed to help parents, teachers and communities to identify when necessary, to intervene with those as high-risk
  • It is our belief that the solution lies in a new, different and fresh approach. We intend to use a simple model of educating parents, teachers, children and communities about this disease.

We believe that increasing awareness is the first step to change – change in the way this disease is viewed; change in the way it is identified and prevented; and change in the way people who have this disease are viewed by society.

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